UKCP/BACP Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Are you looking for a trustworthy, safe space to try and gain some understanding of what is happening for you right now?

You may have been in therapy before, or you may be considering it for the first time. I am a professionally qualified Psychotherapist.  I trained at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation and am registered with BACP and UKCP.

I have spent the last 20 years helping people improve the quality of their lives whilst giving them a greater understanding of themselves.  For some, its about gaining confidence and courage to consider making significant changes in their circumstances, and for others it’s about finding a better way to live with what they have got.

Currently much more attention is being paid to mental health in the media and human emotions are increasingly becoming medicalised. Frequently those emotions are a normal, healthy, albeit unpleasant symptom of what is going on in your life.

An example might be feeling depressed after suffering a significant loss in your life, such as a breakdown in a relationship, a bereavement or loss of employment.

Therapy can play a significant part in guiding you through painful periods while empowering you to take back control, support your recovery and enable you to find purpose and pleasure again.

The impact of anxiety and depression can disable your ability to think and find a way forward for yourself.  During these times it can feel impossible to imagine you will ever recover. However, you can, and if you are searching for a therapist, you are taking the first steps towards recovery.

Mental health is a complex topic, and no two people are the same.  However, people do share some common themes, so do contact me for a confidential conversation and I can find out a little bit more about what is personal to you.

Based in North West London but offering remote sessions nationwide.

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I am also available for corporate and institutional mental health consultancy.


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